Good Wolf Gear in Herndon, VA, is your local outfitter and go-to for high-quality new and experienced (used) gear.

The Good Wolf Pack!

Margaret and Tana

Our Story: We met in the concrete jungle of New York City and slowly made our way closer to nature, now calling Northern Virginia our home. When people ask why we decided to open Good Wolf Gear, the truth is that we were inspired by our friends: they helped set up our first tent; they shared their scary stories around the campfire; and they let us dig into their Dutch Oven breakfasts while we struggled to get our contacts in. We created Good Wolf Gear for them, for you, and for anyone else willing to “share what I learn with my family and friends” while helping one another become better stewards of nature.

Favorite Outdoor Activities: Hiking, car camping, visiting National Parks

Favorite Local Spots: Bear’s Den, Buzzard Rock, Little Bennett Campground, Shenandoah River State Park


My Story: I’ve always had a deep connection to the outdoors, so much so I decided to study it in college, earning a degree in Recreation, Parks and Tourism. After graduating, I began working with youth at risk in a wilderness setting and lead numerous trips on the Appalachian Trail, exposing them to the power of being outside and hiking. As of late, I find myself cycling and paddling to connect with nature. 

Favorite Outdoor Activities: Paddling, Cycling, Camping, and Hiking.

Favorite Local Spots: Occoquan River, Raven Rocks, W&OD Trail  


My Story: I was fortunate to have grown up in the Shenandoah Valley, which fostered a strong love and respect for the outdoors through camping, hiking, fly fishing and, believe it or not, snow skiing! Any time I can sit with someone interested in gear, or talk about where to go on a trip, is time well spent. I prefer going on local hikes with my family, going to the beach for some R&R, or hitting the slopes to get some turns in. If I can’t manage any of those, hopping on my road bike for an hour will do the trick!

Favorite Outdoor Activities: Skiing, cycling, hiking, backpacking & fishing

Favorite Local Spots: Day hikes at the Billy Goat trail sections with the family; backpacking in Dolly Sods, WV or Shenandoah National Park.  


My Story: My family has always been into the outdoors. Ever since I can remember I have been outside playing, hiking, swimming, etc. I love Good Wolf Gear because of the community that has been built around the store. Seeing everyone come into the store and hearing their stories is something I love. I am Good Wolf Gear's resident climber, so if you have any questions about rock climbing feel free to come up and ask me if you see me in the store. 

Favorite Outdoor Activities: Surfing, hiking, and rock climbing (I climb at Sport Rock, in Sterling, and outdoors as much as possible )

Favorite Local Spots: New River Gorge for climbing, the Shenandoah Mountains for hiking, and the Devil's Marbleyard


My Story: I am a happy camper who traces my love for the outdoors back to the Northwoods. Annual vacations to my family’s remote Canadian cabins, winters spent in New York’s Adirondack Mountains, and a summer of outfitting in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters all gave me a great appreciation for the beautiful world of adventure outside our doors. I bring that same gusto for the outdoors to all the amazing outdoor recreation opportunities we have here at our
doorstep in Northern Virginia.

Favorite Outdoor Activities: Pond hockey, downhill skiing, hiking, all water sports, biking

Favorite Local Spots: Raven Rocks, Cool Spring, Harper’s Ferry, W&OD Trail


My Story: I started camping and backpacking over 30 years ago in Texas and the Southwest. I moved to Virginia in 2019 and took advantage of my new home by section hiking the entire Appalachian Trail, which I finished in 2022, but I still love hiking under a big, blue sky. My volunteer work as a master naturalist gives me a better understanding and appreciation for the natural environment, and I love introducing people to nature and helping them enjoy the outdoors.

Favorite Outdoor Activities: Backpacking, hiking, fishing, kayaking, open water swimming

Favorite Local Spots: Potomac Heritage Trail (including Riverbend and Great Falls parks), Cross County Trail, Shenandoah National Park (get the blackberry milkshake!), and the Mt Rogers/ Grayson Highlands area is my favorite place in Virginia so far.


My Story: Growing up in NoVa, I've had access to all sorts of awesome activities like camping in the Shenandoah, hiking on the AT, paddleboarding/canoeing on local lakes, and stream hopping in Goose Creek and Difficult Run. The outdoors are such an amazing way to get closer with your friends and family and become more connected with the earth. I most enjoy climbing and can help you get outfitted with the gear you need to get started and I'm so excited to be here at Good Wolf where we can help make outdooring more accessible and sustainable!

Favorite Outdoor Activities: Climbing, Paddleboarding, Hiking, Exploring, Creek Hopping

Favorite Local Spots: Red rocks, Runnymede, Sugarloaf, Harpers Ferry, and The Billy Goat Trail


My Story: I have been an outdoor enthusiast my entire life and a self-proclaimed “gear nut” for over 40 years now.  After growing up camping, canoeing, hunting and fishing, I discovered backpacking as a Boy Scout right here in Northern Virginia.  An Eagle Scout and former Scoutmaster, I recently retired from over 33 years in the Army.  I remain passionate about the outdoors, and more importantly, how the right gear can help make any outdoor experience more enjoyable.  Whether it’s a day hike in along the C&O Canal, an overnight quest to summit Old Rag or Priest Mountain, a 300-mile solo hike on the Appalachian Trail, a high-adventure trek to Maine or Philmont, a canoe trip down the South Fork of the Shenandoah, or wilderness hunting on public lands across the U.S., I’ve done it and look forward to helping you find the right gear to meet your needs…and your budget.

 Favorite Outdoor Activities:  Backpacking, hiking, hunting, canoeing, camping, running, and skiing.

Favorite Local Spots:  The Appalachian Trail, George Washington National Forest, Shenandoah River, Shenandoah National Park, C&O Canal, Catoctin  Mountain Park, Dolly Sods Wilderness. 

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