For Consignors

First of all, THANK YOU for being a consignor with Good Wolf Gear and helping us grow our community. Your partnership means the world to us. Like any good relationship, we welcome any feedback and ways to improve. So please call or email us ( with anything on your mind. Now, onto the good stuff...


You can check the status of your consigned items 24/7 at the consignor portal below

Consignor Access is a separate website that is not managed by Good Wolf Gear. Payment requests must be made directly with Good Wolf Gear. 


Pay us a visit at the shop, give us a call, or shoot us an email at to let us know you would like to get paid. You will not automatically receive pay out after an item sells.

We have a several options of payment for you:

  1. Opt for store credit and get an extra 10% added to your balance!
  2. Cash payment in store (for payouts < $25 only)
  3. Electronic payment via Paypal or Zelle

To get paid electronically by PayPal or Zelle, you must have an up to date consignor account. Electronic payments will be made to the email address on file. Please login to your account and click on your name/person icon in the top right corner to confirm your email.