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  • Spice Up Your Meals

    Spice Up Your Meals

    Consider bringing some condiments to spice up your freeze dried entrees.The typical dehydrated/freeze-dried entree says TWO servings. It may be, but I never have any trouble eating them both after a good hike! If temps are going below 45, it’s a good idea to put your water filter and your stove cartridge in your sleeping bag.

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  • Fuel Management

    Fuel Management

    I weigh my partially used fuel canisters and compute the remaining fuel. I use 6-12 grams per day depending on how cold the water and air are, if I make coffee, if I have to simmer, etc. This one has 94 grams of fuel left, so it will be more than enough for 5 nights. I'm eating my favorite @mtnhouse...

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