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  • Advice from a Naturalist: Christmas Fern

    Advice from a Naturalist: Christmas Fern

    After the last leaf has fallen and other plants have died back for winter, the Christmas Fern (Polystichum acrostichoides) brings a touch of green to the forest floor all winter with its evergreen fronds. Named for these fronds that persist through Christmas and all winter long, Christmas Fern is native to the eastern United States, and I have observed them...

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  • Advice from a Naturalist: Signal Knob in the Fall

    Advice from a Naturalist: Signal Knob in the Fall

      Do you want to see some fall color in the mountains, but you want to avoid the traffic on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah? Try Signal Knob on Massanutten Mountain in George Washington National Forest! Just over an hour's drive from Good Wolf Gear, the Signal Knob trailhead (38.935, -78.320) is your entry to this 10 mile loop on the Massanutten, Meneka Peak, and Tuscarora Trails. The...

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  • Hiking Pole Tips

    Hiking Pole Tips

    Here’s a "tip" for hiking poles: Rubber hiking pole tips reduce damage to the trail, are quieter on rocks and roads, and provide excellent grip on most surfaces. Quality tips will last 100s of miles, but they eventually become rounded off and need replacement. I put a wrap of cloth tape on my pole for a tighter fit, and I’ve...

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  • Hiking Poles

    Hiking Poles

    Remember to adjust your hiking pole length for an extended uphill or downhill trail. A shorter pole helps maintain a natural arm position going uphill as the trail is higher in front of you. Likewise, a longer pole is good for downhill. An inch or two (2.5-5cm) of adjustment is all it takes.I shortened my poles 2 inches ascending the...

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  • Mountainside Musings: Part Three

    Mountainside Musings: Part Three

    Always start out a little chilly; you’ll warm up quickly. Sweat and wet layers are not your friend. Have a layer handy if you stop for more than a few minutes. Drink some water every hour while hiking. Don’t stop until you’re peeing clear. Slow down after dinner to get through the night, then drink a full liter after breakfast...

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  • Post-Backpacking Trip Tips

    Post-Backpacking Trip Tips

    A bandana or similarly sized non-cotton cloth is an essential backpacking accessory. Multiple uses from wiping your forehead or nose to helping keep sun off the back of your neck. I like to hang mine on one of the loops on my pack’s shoulder straps for easy access while hiking.When you return from any backpacking adventure, it’s always a useful...

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